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cherry hill nj 08034 carpet pet and stain removal

When your dog/cat has an accident on your homes carpet/rugs, are you ready for it????   The simple items you should always have at hand are; wet-dry vacuum, white towels, a good commercial spot/stain solution, bucket,and pair of rubber gloves. When your pet has an accident on your carpet take the wet-dry vacuum and extract the area as best you can, then add the cleaning solution to the area and blot-it with a clean white towel, followed again with the wet-dry vacuum getting up as much moisture as you can. After that is completed take the white towel and fold it into half til it is the size of the stain area. Now place a heavy weight on top of the white towel and have it sit there til the next morning!!!!   The next morning, when you remove the weight and the towel you may still notice  an odor and stain????   If so you will need to call a professional carpet cleaner in you area like ms enterprises llc, located in blackwood nj, 08021    Professional carpet cleaners have all the neccessary chemicals and special equipment needed to remove the urine odor, and stain that may be deep into the carpet padding that you can not remove own your own.  You can also visit on the web for more valuable spot and stain removal tips, and coupons on @ 856-784-1101

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