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Some business owners think that commercial cleaning is just the same as domestic cleaning. We all keep our own homes clean, so why shouldn't we all work together to make sure that our offices or workplaces are clean too, right? Wrong. Commercial cleaning is actually very different to keeping your own home clean, and therefore the main burden of responsibility should not fall on the full time staff at your business, unless they have been contracted to do this. There are many reasons why cleaning a commercial space is very different to cleaning at your home.

Commercial cleaning obviously takes place on a much larger scale than home cleaning does. Not only is the space that needs to be cleaned much larger, but it may also require more tools and cleaning products to clean the area. This means that it may take much longer to clean thoroughly, and it may also require different techniques. Transferring your home cleaning techniques into the office or warehouse just might not work out as planned. Experts know the correct techniques to work on a larger scale than that which is required for cleaning at home.

If you own your own home, there are no real regulations about how clean it has to be, unless it puts somebody else's health and safety at risk. However, with commercial cleaning, there are a lot of different regulations which need to be followed, and these regulations can depend on the locality which you live in. Failure to follow these regulations could result in a fine, or the closure of your business. Your staff cannot be expected to keep up with all of these cleaning regulations if they are also expected to work full time in their normal role. Hiring in an outside cleaner who specialises in commercial work in your area will help you to make sure that you do not break any local regulations.

Specialist equipment 
Commercial cleaning often requires the use of specialist equipment or products, because the types of mess and dirt which need to be cleaned up are often different. For example, spills in a commercial environment are often tougher to remove. Unless you pay for proper training for your full time staff, they may not know how to use this equipment properly, because it is unlikely that they will have ever had to use it in a domestic environment. This means that they will not be able to use it effectively.

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