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Tile floors are great. They offer durability, style, and real estate experts say that tile floors increase a home's appraisal value. But to get all the perks you need to put in the work. Regular maintenance is vital to keeping your tile floors clean and looking great, as well as maximizing its lifespan. Here are some easy cleaning tips to keep your tile flooring beautiful and healthy.

Oxygenated bleach powders are an effective cleaning product for tile and grout. These types of cleaners basically release oxygen ions that work to break down soil and other grime. They are easy to rinse away with a minimal amount of scrubbing. To use this type of cleaner on tile you would mix it with some warm water and then pour it over the tile. Leave it for about 15 minutes to allow the cleaner to do its job. Depending on how dirty the area is you can either rinse or give it a light scrubbing and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

This type of cleaning product is also great at disinfecting. After all, it is a bleach powder. Once you've completed an initial cleaning using an oxygenated bleach powder you can just incorporate it when you do your routine mopping. Mix the cleaner with warm water and apply to the tile as you would any other mopping solution. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then rinse with your mop and clean water.

Another tile and grout cleaning solution that works really well on grout in particular is a mixture of Bon Ami or Spic n' Span with ammonia and water. Ammonia can be harsh so make sure to wear gloves and any other cleaning protection when using this solution. This mixture is great for getting out tough stains and cleaning hard to reach areas like corners. Apply the solution to the area and agitate it with a small brush or toothbrush.

If you have some tile that is cracked or very badly discolored it is probably time to replace it. But if this not an option due to your budget or some other reason then you can try using grout paint or a colorant to put some pep back into your tile flooring. Make sure to give the floor a good cleaning and then follow the manufacturer's instructions for the product. You will basically apply it with a brush and let it dry for a set amount of time. After which you would scrub it off.

These cleaning tips are proven effective and can be a great help to your tile maintenance routine. If you maintain your tile properly and schedule a professional cleaning a few times a year, your tile floors should continue to give you beauty and durability for many years.

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