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When having your office professionally cleaned by a janitorial service or commercial cleaning company, the restroom is one of the toughest tasks that they must tackle. It's also a great way for you to tell if you are getting what you are paying for in quality service from your provider. Keeping a public restroom clean can be a challenge and a quality office cleaning company should show just how great of a job they do by the way they treat your restroom facilities.

First to note is the smell of the restrooms. Any type of foul odor will tell you immediately that the restroom is not clean even if it looks like it is at first glance. Some companies offer air freshening services. This can be good to keep the office a pleasant smelling place, however if it is being used to cover up bathrooms that really aren't clean, you've got a problem. A restroom that is properly cleaned and sanitized from top to bottom should have a clean odor and should not really need air fresheners.

Odor problems always exist due to lack of proper cleaning of surfaces in the restroom. When urine mixes with soil on floors, walls, and fixtures bacteria forms and leads to odor control issues. If quality disinfectant products including odor-counteractants are used and all surfaces are properly cleaned, the odor problem should not exist. Areas that are often missed include the underside of urinals and walls and baseboards around the urinals.

So how can you tell if your cleaning company is properly cleaning if no odor is present? A good test to see if your janitorial service is being thorough is to check the urinal. Bend over and look for a brown stain on the underside of it. You might be surprised to find that this will indicate that your cleaning company isn't being quite as detailed as possible. Somewhere around 90% of public urinals have this issue leading to foul smelling men's rooms all over the world.

Proper tools and chemicals must be used in cleaning public restroom facilities. Water and a mop just isn't enough to truly clean and sanitize restrooms. You certainly wouldn't use just that in your home and should expect much more out of a professional service. Public restrooms or office bathrooms that are used by larger numbers of people than in homes must be properly sanitized to maintain the health of those who use the facilities. Be sure your cleaning company is using professional grade cleaners when it comes to cleaning the surfaces in your restrooms.

Finally, to ensure that an office cleaning company is doing what it takes to properly maintain your restroom facilities, find out how they train their cleaning staff. Some companies send cleaners out with entirely too little training and the job will never be properly done. All staff that goes into office for cleaning should be trained down to the smallest detail in order to ensure cleanliness and sanitary conditions of restrooms.

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