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VCT floors are very resilient and can be managed with a few simple procedures. First you will want to dry mop and wet mop your floor on a regular basis; at least once per week. Pay attention to how quick you start to see the build up of debris on your floor.

The next step is to keep an eye on the wearing of the sealer on your floor. The easiest way to tell if it is time to deep scrub and add another coat of wax would be as soon as the floor starts to loose its sheen. You can deep scrub and add a coat of wax to the floor up to a maximum of 12 layers.

The next part of the process is to burnish the floor. It is a good idea to burnish the floor in between each deep scrub. Burnishing is a process that will help harden the wax. Hardening the wax will provide more protection from deep scratches. A prime way VCT floor gets dents and scratches is from the sliding of furniture. The hardened wax will make the floor will provide a lot more protection to the floor.

When is it time to strip the floor and start from scratch? A good rule of thumb is when the floor gets to the point where it is hard to keep clean and it begins to yellow. Also remember that you never want to exceed 12 layers of wax.

The whole point of having wax on the floor is to make it easier to clean and extend the life of your floor. Stripping and waxing a floor on your own is some what expensive and time consuming. Hiring a professional will prevent frequently refinishing the floor. If your VCT floor is in need of professional care, call MS Enterprises LLC today at (856) 784-1101 and visit us online at


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