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Carpets are generally spread all over the floors of our homes. We walk upon them day & night, spill all kind of food and our pets often make the carpets dirty. Due to this extreme usage, carpets usually become a home for all types of bacteria and allergens that thrive and spread to all parts of the home.

Flooring and rugs that are kept dirty and aren't cleaned on a regular basis can play an important role in creation of harmful air inside the homes. This can be a major issue for people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems. Most of the carpets are generally dark in colour or shades and that's why they might look clean, but they're far from cleanliness.

After years of accumulation of dirt, spilled food, sweat and pet urine, the shade and colour of the carpets become extensively off or dull. People are amazed to see the bright colours and shine of their own carpet after the cleaning process done by professional cleaners. Therefore, it's highly recommended that you should only hire professional carpet cleaners to get effective cleaning.

Here are some common health hazards caused by dirty carpets:

Hazard - Allergies are started by filthy carpets

Sneezing, coughing and wheezing are caused by breathing in the dirt which is mixed in the air and this dirt comes from filthy carpets at our homes. If there has been a rise in cases of allergies at your home then there's a high chance that your dirty carpets are the reason behind it.

Hazard - Dirty Carpets are homes for pests

Pests like dust mites, carpet beetles and fleas like to live in filthy carpets. Flea eggs remain in the carpets for many days waiting to hatch when the time is right for them and later these fleas cause major problems for your pets. Dirty carpets have abundance of dead skin particles and other food sources, which makes them ideal breeding ground for dust mites.

Mould and bacteria are found in dirty carpets

Filthy rugs harbour microbes that destroy the quality of indoor air. Cold like symptoms and other respiratory problems are caused by the mould which thrives in different parts of a home including carpet. Children and elderly at homes are more vulnerable of catching diseases, so you must understand the importance of having clean carpets at your home.

These health hazards clearly state that it's quite important to clean the carpets on regular intervals to ensure safety of your family members. There will be hardly any dust, dirt or grime on the carpet if it is cleaned by professional carpet cleaners. Protect yourself and your family members from allergens and other bacteria by hiring MS Enterprises LLC as your professional carpet cleaner. Give us a call today at (856) 784-1101 and visit us online at


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