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For many businesses, employing full-time cleaning staff does not make financial sense, because cleaners are only needed on a semi-regular basis. Many companies now contract their cleaning needs out to professional janitorial services companies. This helps to avoid employment taxes, training costs and other red tape which is associated with hiring one's own employees. But what do these companies actually do?

External janitorial services are able to offer all of the same benefits that in-house cleaning staff would be able to offer, and then they are able to offer additional services on top of that. The general responsibilities which janitorial contractors would be able to take care of include waste removal, vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning windows, disinfecting surfaces and ensuring high sanitation standards in bathroom and kitchen areas.

In addition to general services, janitorial services are usually able to offer additional services which an in-house cleaner may not be able to offer. Thanks to their ability to access professional cleaning equipment, these companies are able to offer deep cleans if and when they are required. A deep clean can really help to improve the appearance, smell and hygiene level in any workplace, and will be far more effective than any of the techniques which are offered by casual cleaning staff.

Whilst most companies will arrange for a janitorial services company to do regular work with them, companies also like the safety net that an external contractor is able to offer to them. If there is ever a cleaning emergency, this company should be able to make arrangements for the problem to be rectified as soon as possible. For example, if there was a flood at a commercial property, the property owner would not have to wait until the next scheduled visit to have the flood damage taken care of, but instead they would be able to contact the janitorial contractors to get them to arrange the cleaning as quickly as possible.

Janitorial services will also be able to alert their management company about things which could cause potential problems in future. For example, if they really notice an issue developing in the toilet of the commercial space, they will be able to alert the company before the problem worsens. When using a services company, a stitch in time can save nine, meaning that their expertise can prevent your problem from becoming much more serious and more costly to deal with.

Hiring a janitorial services company makes financial sense, so long as you hire a janitorial services company which already has a great reputation. MS Enterprises LLC has a great reputation in the cleaning industry. If your company is ready to bring in professionals, give us a call today at (856) 784-1101 and visit us online at


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