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Professional office cleaning is done by companies that have workers who are prepared for the challenges a commercial building holds. Cleaning at home is nothing like the cleaning that must be done in a commercial building. You have to hire the right company if you expect to get the best service though.

There are a lot of people that think they could do professional office cleaning and make money. These people do not really know how much work goes into cleaning a commercial building. They underbid the companies that have been performing these types of services for years, and then when they get to dong the work, and realize that there is a lot of work to it, they fall short and disappoint the client.

Professional office cleaning services usually include:

• The sweeping, mopping and vacuuming of floors throughout the building. 
• The cleaning of toilets and lavatories 
• The emptying of all waste receptacles in the building 
• Dusting all surfaces including window blinds, bookshelves, and desks 
• Taking up the throw rugs and cleaning them then replacing them on the floor 
• Cleaning all windows and glass doors 
• Cleaning the break room, the coffee maker, and the appliances in the break room

These are just a few of the services that you can expect professional office cleaning company to perform. The frequency of the items described will be determined by how many people work in your building, what type of work is being done there, and the amount that you are willing to pay to the cleaning service.

Sometimes the cleaning service will also include the occasional buffing and waxing of floors or the steam cleaning of carpeted areas. You will have to sit down with the company you are interviewing and discuss what options are available and how much they charge for each of those options.

Sometimes it works out better financially for you to allow the cleaning service to perform some tasks more frequently. When the dusting is done once or twice a week it is a light job that only takes a small amount of time. When the dusting is done once a month or once every six weeks it is a grimy job that takes longer to perform and the company providing the service is likely to charge you an additional amount for having to work harder at cleaning the area. It would be cheaper to allow the workers to dust once a week and keep the job simple.

Professional office cleaning looks very simple until you take on the task and discover what all those individuals do each day. MS Enterprises LLC specializes in office cleaning. Give us a call at (856) 784-1101 and visit us online at


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