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Everyone loves their pets. But with pets comes the great possibility of accidents on ones carpet. Overtime your house starts to have a unique smell.

There is a science behind exactly why you are smelling what you smell. A pets urine has crystals in them. These crystals love humidity. When the humidity in the air rises, so does the smell in your carpet. The problem is not in the top layer of carpet, but deeper down. Urine seeps past the carpet fibers, into the backing of the carpet, the pad, and ultimately the floor board.

A problem can arise, in these problem spots, when the carpets are cleaned. When the humidity level rises in the home, a unique odor hits any passerby. Often the carpet cleaner is blamed. 
In many cases the carpet cleaner might think that the urine will come out simply by pre-spraying the carpet and steam cleaning them. But this will usually work. The carpet must be deeply cleaned, with superior chemicals, or even green technology.

There is hope however. The carpet cleaning industry has the technology to clean deep into the carpet, backing, and pad. But It can be pricey.

First the carpet cleaning technician turns the lights off, and cracks on the black light. In a home with cats and dogs, there will usually be a urine all over the carpet, walls, and baseboards. The urine is truly a sight to behold.

A cleaner is applied that absorbs the urine crystals, and installs a great smell. The somewhat costly cleaner grabs the crystals, and destroys them. After the cleaner has absorbed the urine for about 20 minutes, the urine is brought out using a great suction process. This powerful suction, brings up everything from the top carpet layer, down to the sub-floor.

If the sub-flooring has not previously been damaged by urine, then most likely your problem is solved. However if the smell remains then the urine has reached the sub-floor. The owner has two choices at this point. You can live with the smell, or replace the padding, carpet, and sub-floor. The most affordable choice is the mask the smell, and invest in some potty training.

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