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Switching to green commercial cleaning services will not only ensure that your building is clean, but also maintain the quality of your indoor air. Many chemicals traditionally used in cleaning products linger in the air and present potential health risks to your employees, the cleaning staff, and the eco-system. Those concerns have motivated companies to seek products and develop techniques that do the job in a safer way. When you hire a janitorial service, make sure they are committed to green commercial cleaning.

Environmental and Health Concerns Posed by Cleaning Products

Keeping a work area clean and free of dust and bacteria makes for a safe working environment, but studies commissioned by the EPA found several risks inherent in cleaning products used to keep it that way. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released by many standard cleaning products during use and disposal can cause skin and eye irritation, dizziness, headaches, and other symptoms to the people using them, and residual chemicals can likewise affect employees and customers for days after cleaning. Those who use them in their concentrated state may breathe in larger quantities of chemicals and be at greater health risks. However, even employees who dust off their desks or wipe off a counter with multipurpose antibacterial wipes are at some risk. The off-gassing and disposal of chemicals in most everyday cleaning products even impact air and water quality and contribute to smog outdoors.

What is Green Commercial Cleaning?

Adding the "green" to commercial cleaning means that the company uses safer products, while using techniques that are also friendly to the environment.

This means:

Using products that are as non-toxic and biodegradable as possible

Using pump instead of aerosol sprays

Using renewable resources

Employing vacuums equipped with HEPA filters

Developing and training cleaning employees to use a Chemical Management System that governs how cleaning products are handled, used, stored and disposed of to minimize or prevent exposure to chemicals Using procedures such as color-coding of clothes and tools used for certain cleaning tasks to prevent cross-contamination. A widely-accepted coding system uses red for high risk restroom areas (toilets and urinals), yellow for low-risk restroom areas (showers, mirrors), green for food preparations areas, and blue for general cleaning.

Using microfiber flat mops that remove a larger percentage of microbes and reduce cross-contamination between mopped and un-mopped sections of the floor

The green approach also is directed toward minimizing resource use by:

Limiting packaging waste by buying in bulk

Using concentrated to reduce container size and water waste

Using refillable bottles

Selecting a Green Commercial Cleaning Company

When choosing any commercial cleaning company, you want to feel certain they will do the job and leave you premises clean and sparkling and smelling great. To make sure that they are a green commercial cleaning company, they should have policies in place about the products they use and the ways they clean.

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