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Changes in the U.S. economy over the past few years have prompted many Americans to start their own companies. New business start-ups typically have small (or nonexistent) budgets with owners already stretched thin and wearing too many hats. While doing your own office cleaning might sound like a good idea for saving money, you may actually be hindering your new company’s growth opportunities. There are ways to give your start-up company the benefits of a professional office cleaning service and still keep costs low enough to be affordable.

Finding a Cleaning Service Company

There are probably many professional office cleaners in your area, several of which may be right for your needs. Before you can identify which ones they are, you need to identify – at least generally – what you need from a cleaning service and what is important to you in a commercial cleaning contractor. Look for those companies that have experience in your industry and any special equipment or certifications that may be required. Verify that they are licensed (if necessary in your area), insured, and can provide current client references.

Cost of Office Cleaning

The first-time business owner may wonder how much commercial cleaning costs. Every cleaning company has its own pricing structure, and should be able to provide you with a menu of services and their associated prices. Your cleaning service price may be based on the square footage of your office, the services being performed on each visit, or some combination of the two factors.

Tips to Keep Janitorial Costs Low

As a new business owner, doing your own office cleaning and janitorial work is typically a bad idea, but there are some things you can do to help keep costs low in the beginning. Dump your own trash a few times per week if there aren’t other pressing cleaning needs. Make sure everyone cleans up after themselves in both their own workspace and in common areas. See if your cleaning service offers any special packages for start-up companies. Talk with your cleaning service account manager to identify those cleaning tasks that may be required less frequently. Some tasks, deep commercial floor cleaning or stripping for example, may only be required once a year to keep your office looking good.

Whatever you do though, do not be tempted to skimp on having a sharp, spotless office. You will want to make a good impression on prospects and clients, and a clean office is critical for showing that you run a conscientious and dedicated operation.

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