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Hepa vacuum cleaners use a filtration system that helps to minimize the allergen effects and the effects of other pollutants that are in the home. These allergens have the ability to worsen existing health problems and it may not prevent future conditions.To prevent this, one should invest in a high-efficiency particulate air filtration machine.

Two numbers designate the high level of filtration capacity of the machine. A very high number indicates the it has the ability to effectively filtrate very fine pollutant particles. In order for a machine to be classified as HEPA, it has to have a filtration efficiency of 99.97%. This means that only 0.3 micrometers may be retained.

The machines ability to filter very small particles is critical as the smaller the particles, the further they can reach into the lungs. This could result in severe health problems, such as aggravated coughing, asthma, throat irritation, bronchitis, shortness of breath and decreased lung function. Irritation in the nose, throat and eyes can present and even lung cancer.

High efficiency systems were first developed to maintain extremely stringent hygiene standards in environments such as medical, pharmaceutical and other areas where cleanliness is critical. Stringent criteria is used to test and certify the equipment. The initial test identifies the size of particles that will easily penetrate the filter. This establishes the MPPS, or the most penetrating particle size.

Another test will be performed using only those particles that can penetrate. When the filter is able to maintain a 99.97% filtration level under the worst conditions, it is truly a high-efficiency machine.

Efficiency is correlated with the speed of the air that passes through the filter. The tests are performed at the same airflow rate at which the machine is used. The design ensures that all the air entering the machine passes through a filter, instead of releasing particles back into the air.

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