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Badly colored grout can look terrible and make perfectly good tiles look ugly as well. Many tile installers do not spend much time picking out the grout color and many homeowners do not know how to pick out the best color as well. In many tile installations the grouting portion of the installation is left up to the tile installers helper who does not really care much about how the tile installation looks. Many tile installation grouting procedures are done sloppily so that the chosen color looks different than what actually is installed.

Grout is often installed with too much water and this makes the color look too light. Grout should only be mixed with enough water to make it workable to be installed between the tiles. It is a common problem for it to be mixed with way too much water and using too much water can make it easier to apply and install. The problem with using too much water is that much of the color will be washed away making the color look much lighter than the color that was picked. Also inconsistencies in the water usage can cause the color to look blotchy with areas of dark colors mixed with lighter colored areas.

In some cases the grout has a white hazy film on the top that makes it look much lighter than it should. This haze can sometimes be removed with an acidic cleaning solution. The haze can also be removed using normal white vinegar and water. The acidic vinegar works well to remove the haze and to restore a darker even color to the grout.

In cases where an acidic cleaner can not restore an even appearance then grout colorants can be used. Painting the grout with a colorant is a great way to get a full, rich even color. When you choose to paint your grout you can be certain that the chosen color will look exactly the same as the painted on color that you chose. Colorants also act as sealers to prevent dirt and stains from being absorbed into the porous grout.

In many cases people resort to removing the grout and replacing it with a messy regrouting procedure. If you replace your grout then you should consider installing one of the newer epoxy or urethane products. These new products have much better color consistency. Also epoxy and urethane grouts do not need to ever be sealed. These newer products are much more expensive and more difficult to install. The money you save by not having to seal them and the full, rich and consistent colors make up for the increased installation time and the increase costs involved.

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