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Commercial facilities maintenance companies are tasked with being a one stop shop for all of the maintenance, cleaning and repair needs for an office, restaurant, retail, healthcare or other commercial building space. From basic custodial cleaning to light building maintenance to bulk debris removal and sweeping services - a facilities maintenance company does it all. Let's take a look at some of the individual services these companies provide for the interior and the exterior of a commercial facility:

Janitorial Services - some of the custodial services a facilities maintenance company can provide are: 
• Dusting and Vacuuming 
• Mopping and Cleaning of Restrooms 
• Trash Removal 
• Hard Floor Maintenance and Restoration 
• Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning 
• Office and Window Cleaning 
• Supply Management.

Sweeping Services - Keeping your parking area clean impresses your clients, tenants and the community. With an attention to detail, parking lot sweeping services benefit not only people, but the environment as well.

Trash, oil, gas, dust, dirt and foliage will be less likely to accumulate if a facility employs a regular sweeping service. Not only will sweeping a parking lot keep the materials from being tracked into your building, it also helps keep these hazards out of our water systems.

Porter Services - Day porters address cleaning issues as they arise. These services can be tailored to a facilities needs. Some of the typical services a porter will provide are: 
• Litter Removal from Daily Traffic 
• Cleaning & Disinfection 
• Restroom Maintenance 
• Clean-up of Spills 
• Trash Receptacle Wipe Down 
• Graffiti and Cobweb Abatement 
• Window Washing 
• Touch-up Painting.

Bulk Debris Removal - A commercial parking lot can often end up as a dumping ground for bulk trash items. Whether it's a couch from a nearby neighborhood or building materials from a recent tenant build-out, bulk debris removal is an important service that commercial facilities maintenance companies offer.

For larger items, Bobcats, heavy-duty dump trucks and industrial grade sweepers and high performance pressure washers make the clean-up quick and easy.

Commercial Painting - Preserving the life of a commercial facility requires high quality paints and durable, long-lasting surface coatings. It also requires having an experienced and skilled painted on hand to do the work.

Painting and facilities maintenance go hand-in-hand. After all, paint can provide a cost-effective transformation, breathing life into an otherwise dreary building. Whether the building needs to up its curb appeal or freshening up the interior of a commercial space, it's all in a day's work for facilities maintenance personnel.

The list of services provided is seemingly endless. More than just handy-men, building maintenance professionals provide contracted services to a variety of different types of facilities offering a wide range of services from simple to complex, big to small and everything in between. Here are a few types of businesses that can benefit from hiring a facilities maintenance company: 
• General Office Facilities 
• Healthcare Facilities 
• Fitness Centers 
• Schools and Child Care Establishments 
• Manufacturing Plants 
• Retail and Restaurants.

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