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When you choose tile flooring for your home, you have opted for a surface that delivers several key benefits. Not only will this material keep its beautiful appearance, but it will also maintain its value over time due to its durable nature. By cleaning and caring for tile properly, you can ensure that it stays stunning for many years.

Preventing Scratches

Tile flooring is a resilient surface, standing strong against typical family wear and tear. Even with the strength of this surface, however, it's still important to prevent scratches from occurring. Many people place area rugs and runners in high-traffic areas to prevent dirt and sand from accumulating on the floor. Standard high-traffic areas include entrances and exits, sinks, vanities, and stoves. Some homeowners choose to adopt a no-shoes policy to reduce the amount of dirt that people track onto the flooring. To prevent scratches from furniture, place foot protectors between the furniture and the floor. Never slide furniture when moving it. Instead, lift pieces carefully and place them down again gently.

General Cleaning Tips

Perform daily sweeping or vacuuming of the surface to prevent scratches from occurring on the surface. When you want to clean more thoroughly, use a gentle cleanser and a damp mop. Some professionals recommend weekly damp-mopping to clean the surface. Consult the manufacturer for recommendations on cleanser products to use. Never use acidic products or cleansers that contain ammonia, bleach, or abrasive ingredients. Do not use cleaning tools such as steel wool and metal scouring pads because scratching can occur.

Spill Control

Respond immediately whenever spills occur to minimize permanent damage. Blot up the spill completely with an absorbent cloth or a paper towel. Saturate a sponge with dishwashing soap and water and then clean the area thoroughly. A proactive response to spills will usually prevent permanent staining.

Caring for Grout

The grout separating the pieces will need periodic resealing to keep it attractive and in good condition. If you let the sealant fail, the porous grout may become stained and damaged due to moisture and spills. Consult the manufacturer or the company that installed the surface to find out how often you should reseal the grout. Clean and dry the tile flooring thoroughly before resealing. Apply the sealant carefully following manufacturer instructions.

Making Repairs

Refinishing of the tile flooring is not necessary to maintain it. You may notice damage to the surface that requires repairs, however. Tiles may chip, crack, or break. When this occurs, use a chisel to loosen the grouted joint. Take care not to damage other pieces in this process. Remove all the old grout, mortar, and adhesive from the area. Replace the tile (if necessary) by applying mortar to the back of a new piece and fitting it into place. Apply fresh grout around the perimeter to complete the repair work.

Your tile flooring was an investment, so keep it in excellent condition with ongoing care and maintenance. You will find that keeping this material presentable is not difficult or time-consuming.

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