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Even when a carpet looks perfectly clean, it can secretly harbor an entire ecosystem of bacteria, mold, dust mites, and insects. This is because soiled carpeting has all of the elements needed for these types of life to flourish: Moisture, nutrients, and a surface on which to grow. Regular vacuuming does much to reduce the amount of nutrients available, but this reduction is only 85 percent. The other 15 percent adds up over time, day in and day out. Professional cleaning can help get rid of this leftover soil and leave hardly anything for allergy-inducing mold, dust mites, insects, and bacteria.

In a business, carpeting is exposed to soil that’s brought in from a number of ways: on people’s feet, skin flakes that fall from people, hairs, dropped food and crumbs, and dead insects. Many of these things go unnoticed because they are so tiny. Noticed or not, anything that is in the way of people’s feet will be ground into the carpeting. Most people think that they can vacuum up the soil later, but as mentioned, the vacuum cannot get it all because it has been mashed into the carpet fibers. The foot traffic in a normal business will grind any soil down within a day.

Dust mites and carpet beetles love fallen skin particles and pieces of dead insects. Bacteria and living insects go for crumbs, spilled liquids, and similar things. Mold will grow on pretty much anything if there’s enough moisture, and the normal amount of humidity in a business is quite enough.

Commercial carpet cleaning is the only type that is powerful enough to get rid of the one variable that can be removed: The various types of dirt particles that all of these nasty microbes, mites, and insects feed on. With no food, the population of microbes and insects will not be able to sustain itself, and the entire building could be healthier. The air can be noticeably cleaner thanks to the reduction of mold and dust mites, while a lack of other germs will help prevent the spread of disease.

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