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Are you happy with your current office cleaning process or company? That’s a question that business owners and managers should ask themselves more often. If you’re focused on the big picture of running your business, there may be little issues getting consistently ignored such as messy restrooms or dusty cabinets.

So why not take a proactive approach, and do your own janitorial service evaluation to see how well your current commercial cleaning vendor is doing? Here are some of the most frequent complaints from office and facilities managers. See how many exist in your own office.


  1. Poorly maintained restrooms.  Is the restroom well stocked with toilet paper, towels and other essentials? Does the restroom smell fresh and sanitary?
  2. Inadequate dusting. Nothing says “poorly maintained” like a dust buildup on windowsills, cubical walls or the top of cabinets that is ignored until you run a finger through it. Complete and thorough dusting is one of the basics of office cleaning and should be a fundamental part of every cleaning visit.
  3. Soiled carpets. Heavy traffic areas need special attention before stains and dirt are ground in permanently.  The first warning signs may be subtle: a slight dinginess or darkness in problem spots. But before you know it, a little problem becomes a big one.
  4. Overlooked trash cans. Have you ever come into your office on a Monday morning to the smell of Friday’s lunch left in the trash can over the weekend? That’s what sloppy attention smells like.
  5. Slow responsiveness to problems. The reality is that even the best cleaners are human, and will occasionally miss a desktop or a trash can. It is encouraged to communicate frequently with your cleaning service vendor and let them know when things are amiss. But what happens if you call them to resolve a lingering issue and they aren’t responsive or don’t fix it?

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