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We would all agree that the health of our employees is of paramount importance. Not only is employee health important for ensuring an efficient and effective workplace, but employee satisfaction is going to be significantly impacted by said employee's health. As such, many managers and business owners make efforts to ensure their workers' health through benefits, gym memberships, and other practices aimed at improving or maintaining health. Yet many of us overlook the importance of office cleaning in terms of the health of our employees and clients.

Nevertheless, much like our homes, offices can become dirty and subject to the effects of bacteria and viruses. In a very short period of time, offices can go from immaculate to disastrous which is why it is important to take cleaning seriously. Regular office cleaning services ensure that the working environment is free from dust, bacteria, and other health hazards while also creating a comfortable and motivating workplace.

Computers and Phones

Especially when shared, computers and phones should be disinfected regularly to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and related infections. It might be surprising to hear that a quick wipe with an antibiotic solution can remove nearly 99.9% of bacteria that may accumulate around workstations.

Furniture and Upholstery

Office cleaning extends beyond a workstation, computer, or phone. During influenza outbreaks, nasty germs can live in furniture and upholstery making it almost certain that other workers or clients will become infected. Moreover, indoor air quality is significantly impacted by the cleanliness of fabrics and upholstery located throughout your office. Regular steam cleanings will remove allergens from upholstery and furniture, while also preventing the spread of infection.


As is the case with furniture and upholstery, carpets can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses while also harbouring allergens. In fact, carpets are a known source of both chemical and biological pollution in offices as airborne pollutants and other substances can easily settle in carpets. Moreover, dirt, bacteria, mites, and fungi can be tracked via shoes onto office carpets meaning that carpets are often the source of chemical and biological emissions that cause a variety of adverse health effects from eye, ear, and throat irritation to allergies, flus, and even fatigue. To this end, office carpets should receive regular professional cleanings in order to maintain a sanitary office environment.

A regularly scheduled office cleaning plan helps to ensure that bacteria and germs are removed from the work environment without risking exposure to harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. Moreover, in order to improve the air quality in offices, carpets, furniture, and upholstery should be vacuumed and cleaned regularly. Ultimately, it is in the best interest of any business manager or owner to meet with professional cleaners and determine the best cleaning methods for that particular office.

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