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Carpet cleaning is important to maintaining the overall comfort and monetary value of a property. Any type of flooring is an investment for the property owner. Keeping the investment in the best shape takes a professional, but without proper certification, the consumer cannot be guaranteed of proper education and training on updated techniques used in maintaining the value of the flooring.

There are health concerns that can arise from any unsanitary environment, and it can be surprising to learn what survives in and under the flooring. Allergens that are left behind can lead to serious health problems for family members and even household pets. Proper techniques can reduce or eliminate allergens in the environment, improving the health of the occupants.

Great strides have been made in technologies used in carpet-care. Today there are only a few basic wet and dry methodologies accepted by the industry leaders. Ensuring consistently high standards means understanding how the certifying body works to guarantee better results at lower costs.

Proper maintenance begins with regular vacuuming using a high-powered machine. Over time normal wear and tear leads to a dull, soiled appearance. Proper maintenance by the occupants can help keep the flooring looking good, but there comes a time when a certified technician has to be called to get to the really deep grime a normal household vacuum can miss. 

A carpet cleaning technician should always be trained and educated in proper techniques. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the accepted industry leader in floor maintenance and restoration. The non-profit organization ensures technicians remain competitive and that consumers receive better service. 

For businesses, getting certified helps build the competitive edge and grow a successful business. A higher level of commitment and competency is displayed with the CleanTrust logo. The most updated technologies and techniques are available to the professional. Hiring a company that doesn’t take the certification process seriously is not good enough. It takes dedication and experience to earn the trust of the consumer, and proper training and education will ensure that the job is done well. 

ANSI accreditation has been vital to the reputation of any organization. Being the industry leader when it comes to carpet cleaning certification has not been easy. Only the most modern methods will suffice. In conjunction with the American Home Furnishings Alliance the IICRC has also been proven reliable in producing Furniture Care Codes necessary for high quality upholstery care.

The consumer can trust that a registered logo comes with certain responsibilities. Continuing education guarantees a certified technician is updated on the latest methods in high quality carpet cleaning and care. All technicians have to carry the proper amount of liability insurance, and the logo is a promise of high integrity and honesty. 

While regular maintenance is beneficial to the healthfulness and attractiveness of a home or office, a certified technician is necessary to take care of the really deep jobs regular vacuuming misses. 

Consumers often find it difficult to choose a professional company for those important household chores. The benefits of carpet cleaning are numerous, but knowing who can be trusted is not always easy. The IICRC provides continuing education and demands higher standards for its technicians. The CleanTrust logo is a promise of integrity and professionalism ensuring only the best in the industry handles the floor care on any property.

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