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It is very surprising how many health and safety dangers there actually are in an office that hasn't been cleaned properly. If you are not careful these health and safety dangers can actually cause serious illness or injury to the people who work in or visit your office. In order to take care of these problems you are advised to encourage your staff to keep their work areas clean and tidy as well as employing a professional office cleaning company to tidy up on a regular basis. Here are just a few of the health and safety dangers which could affect your staff or visitors if you do not take sufficient steps to ensure that effective office cleaning is carried out at your company.

A breeding ground for diseases 
Although most people now use a keyboard every single day at work many people do not realise the hidden dangers that their keyboard can have. Dirty keyboard can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria which can easily transfer onto your fingers and then into your food. There are plenty of other places around the office where bacteria can also grow such as the office door handles. For example, if one of your colleagues sneezes into their hand and does not wash their hand afterward, then the germs from that sneeze can then be transferred onto the handle. Depending on what sort of virus or bacteria is present it can stay on the door handle for a long time and then be picked up by anyone else who touches that handle. The best way to protect yourself from harmful bacteria is to ensure that your office equipment, such as your phone, your keyboard and the door handles on your office door are cleaned regularly using proper cleaning products.

Slip and trip hazards 
There are a lot of wires coming out of the back of your monitor, keyboard and computer terminals. If these wires are not arranged in a safe manner they can become trip hazards. A good office cleaning firm will ensure that your wires are safely out of the way so that none of your staff will trip or fall over on them.

Toxic mold 
Failure to clean up properly or using techniques which leave things excessively damp can lead to toxic mold growth. This mold can cause serious health consequences for those who breathe in the spores. Stopping mold growth early can prevent it from becoming a health risk.

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